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February 13, 2004

As reported by Howard Stern on his daily talk show on February 11, 2004, the FULL Paris Hilton sex tape is now circulating. This is the tape with her ex-boyfriend Rick Salomon. The site that is offering the video is and they are selling the rights to view the video 5 times for $50 (or 40 Euro). You will need to download the 144MB file from that site, then load it up with Windows Media Player. It will bring up a webpage for you to enter payment details. Be warned, however, that the website may be slow or inaccessible, as the website is getting a ton of traffic today.

The new video is approximately 37 minutes and 32 seconds.

As of today, February 13, 2004, there are no sites with this new video available for free viewing. However, there has been a release of the full tape on Usenet (group alt.binaries.multimedia.nude.celebrities). The filename is parishilton.avi. However, the audio is not of very good quality and the person that made the copy claims that they will attempt a new, better copy real soon. There is also a 7 minute version going around, but it is mostly in NightShot (green video). There are also versions going around that are 40MB and 291MB. There are apparently reencoded versions of the full video that TrustFundGirls is selling.

The video is copy protected by Windows Media 9 Digital Rights Management (DRM). There is no current method of removing this copyright protection.

At best, we can hope for someone to actually purchase the video, and either record it via a camcorder or some screen capture type program and then re-encode it. That is, unless someone miraculously hacks WM9 DRM, which has been out over a year with no hacks. The program freeme does not work  if you are trying to use that to remove the DRM.

WORLD EXCLUSIVE (please credit (February 13, 2004):

Found by Craig and Dan, there is a server name that is attached to that is named: This server is reached when you try to telnet to port 25. We did not attempt to hack the site or gain entry to the server. We believe that the owner of this site is James or Jim Salomon, who is a relative of Rick Salomon. His website is currently hosted in the Czech Republic or somewhere in Europe.

This is an obscure server, probably left there by accident and not meant to be there. This is very CURIOUSLY a coincidence that the name of this server is jimsalomon, which is the same last name as Rick Salomon. (Many earlier news reports misspelled his last name Solomon, however The Smoking Gun has confirmed in legal documents that his last name is spelled Salomon. It may be a "joke," but our expert opinion is that is run by someone related to Rick Salomon, perhaps a brother or uncle or another relative. The owner of went on the Howard Stern show on Thursday, February 12th to plug his website. He said unequivocally and categorically that he owned the rights to the tape. Although he was elusive to Howard's questions, he did claim that he owned the rights. The owner wouldn't answer the question of whether he got the rights from Rick or not. He would not say how or from whom he got the rights. He would just say, "I own it" when questioned. He has not yet been sued by the Hilton family regarding this tape. The owner also admitted he is currently in Europe.

Here is how we found the server name:

-bash-2.05b$ telnet 25
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.
220 ESMTP Exim 4.24 Fri, 13 Feb 2004

Here is the domain name whois records lookup:

% Timestamp: 13.02.2004 (dd-mm-yyyy) 02:31 (hh:mm) CET

descr: Jim Salomon
admin-c: CTT-S200201090841

role: Jim Salomon
address: Ortenovo náměstí 28
address: Praha 7
address: 17000
address: The Czech Republic
admin-c: CTT-P200201090841
tech-c: CTT-P200201090841
bill-c: CTT-P200201090841
nic-hdl: CTT-S200201090841

We have no idea if this is real or legitimate contact information, as have not yet tried calling or contacting this individual. All this information is purely speculation at this point, however, we believe we have good evidence at this time.

- Update February 13, 2004 9:15am PT

We have contacted the law firm of Lavely & Singer Professional Corp. located at 2049 Century Park E, Ste 2400, Los Angeles, CA 90067. The phone number for them is 310-556-3501. This morning, they have confirmed that they represent James Salomon, who is the brother of Richard Salomon. CASE SOLVED! :) really should have hired a better network administrator.

This information goes along perfectly with the The Smoking Gun's January 27th report on how Rick Salomon contacted the Hilton family's lawyers through a third party and wished to settle his libel suit against the family in exchange for getting rights to sell the tape.

- Update February 18, 2004

We have received an email virus from Thanks Jim for letting us know you are alive and well! Attached was a cwqfdann.exe executable file virus. We appreciate your support! Please tell others about our site.

From: <>
To: <us>
Sent: Tuesday, February 17, 2004 6:27 AM
Subject: ID dijntwivjl... thanks
> Yours ID tpkiigbr
> --
> Thank

- Update February 24, 2004

Rick Salomon appeared on the Howard Stern show this morning and confessed to setting up the website with his brother Jim. They said the site was not in the US for legal reasons. Rick stated there are a few other tapes of Paris Hilton going around and he is not sure if he will be selling those. However, if he does, he will put them on his website. If you would like to read a recap of the show, please check out

- Update March 5, 2004

PageSix gossips that Paris Hilton may be getting cozy with Rick Salomon again since she has apparently broken up with Backstreet Boy Nick Carter. At the Oscar's after-party, she was in a shuttle bus with Rick, getting rubbed on the leg and being kissed by him. They also theorize that Paris Hilton may be getting a portion of the proceeds from, as the legal minds they spoke with doubted he could market the tape without her consent. However, his $10million libel suit against the family is still in the legal process and has not been withdrawn, thus no one can say for certain what exactly is going on.


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