Deadbeater Tries to Help the eBay Seller

Interesting concept, I bet they want to grow their business to the point where eBay just decides to outright BUY them. 😛 I wonder how much data they have to sift through to get that information. I’ve had my share of deadbeat bidders, and I doubt a company will be able to spot a 0 feedback first-time-bidding-with-this-new-account deadbeat bidder.

Since its earliest days, eBay has warned its users to beware of deadbeat bidders but has largely left the process of weeding out troublemakers to the community-oriented environment for which the company is known. eBay relies almost completely on its users looking at feedback-rating pages, where people offer praise or criticism of their fellow eBay members, and judging for themselves who the real buyers and sellers are versus the unsavory pretenders.

Despite the success of eBay and its feedback system, at least one company believes the unscrupulous-bidding trend is a big enough problem to fuel a full-time business. DeadBeater, a 6-month-old start-up, is offering a subscription-based service that augments eBay’s user-rating system. Link

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