Jumping Hurdles in the Olympics

OMG, that was pathetic! Who do I speak of? Mr. Charles Allen of Canada in the 110M Men’s Hurdles Final, who finished 6th in the event. Why you ask? Well, he successfully jumped over the first hurdle. But then there was the second, and third, and fourth ones… Allen missed the FINAL 9 hurdles. Yes, he knocked over each and every hurdle besides the first one. WTF! How can someone be in the final if they can’t even jump over a simple hurdle? What does it say about the sport if that is okay? He trains to run fast and jump over hurdles, yet fails 90% of the hurdles in his event. Can you imagine an archery athlete missing 90% of the targets?

And before you say Allen just had a bad run, I saw him in an earlier qualifying heat knock over the majority of hurdles as well, but winning the race. Man, CBC didn’t even ask him if missing 9 hurdles hurt his hopes for a medal. He wasn’t even remorse for missing the hurdles. Shame on you Charles, shame on you… There should be a rule if you knock over 2 or 3 hurdles, you get your ass disqualified from the event.

Do you know why Liu Xiang of China won the final? Cuz he jumped over each and EVERY hurdle, without knocking any over. Sorta how like it’s supposed to be…

Also, do any track coaches do any coaching at all? I’ve seen dozens of runners wearing gold chains while running. What the hell? Have you tried running with a chain around your neck? It makes you go slower, hinders you, and is annoying. When they run, it flies around everywhere. It can not be beneficial at all to be wearing them. Do you see Olympics swimmers doing the freestyle with bling bling around their necks? NO! Have the runners ever thought about aerodynamics? There’s no purpose at all to run with chains around their neck. If you are Michael Johnson, perhaps you can get away with it, but just imagine how much faster he could have been as well without wearing them. They don’t have to show off that they can afford some 18k chains. Just think about it… please!

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  1. RainFall Says:

    Excellent insight and review. keep up the good work

  2. Bailey Says:

    your really stupid. First of all it doesn’t matter if u hit the hurdles. Some of the hurdlers run like that because it works for them. And that american who got elimanted because he fell also does the same thing, and hes ranked like top 3 in the world. Second of all, Allen is too short to jump over the hurdles completely and whatever he does seems to be working, but it is very risky. Last but not least, Canada’s Donovan Bailey owns Johnson, and hes proved that in the past 🙂

  3. dan Says:

    At least I know the difference between your and you’re. Thanks, goodbye.

  4. Bailey Says:

    thanks professor.

  5. Bailey Says:

    Come on, prof you should know better than that. You dont use abbreviations (ex. Cuz, WTF,OMG)in a review.

  6. dan Says:

    It’s not a review, foo!

  7. Bailey Says:

    then wtf is it?

  8. dan Says:

    An observation…

  9. mark Says:

    amazing!! i thought i was the only one who noticed it. Even in the events before the final race he was knocking down every hurdle!! i didnt even notice he left one standing during the final run. i thought he had knocked them all down.

    u were mentioning the bling bling.. did u notice crawford running with his cap on backwards.. according to him he wanted to look cool out there.

    then u have the dream team getting bronze! whats with that. if i was an NBA club owner i would fire my players and hire argentine for a million bucks per player. affordable and they play better then an all star team!

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