Where’s Diddy’s iPod Pictures?

Such a tease! How can you put out a press release and not show pictures of the blingin’ iPod? We won’t mention if it’s sorta unmanly to have diamonds on your iPod, but that’s another story…

Coinciding with the release of Hewlett Packard’s iPod digital music player, rap star P. Diddy plans to attend his post MTV Video Music Awards party with his personalized Apple iPod encrusted with 120 diamonds. HP is a major sponsor of the music awards, and all the guests at P. Diddy’s party, are to receive a gift of their own HP iPod, minus the diamonds.


Update: Of course leave it to Engadget to have the exclusive pix. 😛


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  1. Baba Booey Says:

    I hear they gave him a diamond encrusted bottle of cisco as well. Do they have pix of that anywhere?

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