Someone’s Been Watching a Bit Too Much Face/Off

Man, I swear these scientists, err Dr. Frankensteins, just watch futuristic movies and try to emulate it. Though, I’d rather have John Travolta’s face over Nic Cage’s any day, well, if it included his planes and fame., of course. Ya gotta wonder, though, if I wanted Michael Jackson’s current face, could they do that for me?

“There arrives a point in time when the procedure should simply be done. We submit that that time is now,” the researchers wrote in an article scheduled for publication today in The American Journal of Bioethics.

The article, by the team from the University of Louisville and the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands, explores the ethical and psychological issues, and physical risks, involved in a transplant that would attach the face of a dead donor to someone with a severely disfigured face, such as the victim of a serious burn or accident.

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