Real McCoy’s ‘Run Away’ in Lexus Ad

Wow, that was a surprise, to hear a Real McCoy (the finest Eurodance in the 90s!) song in a Lexus RX330 ad. Guess they are targetting the younger audience, eh? The ad is pretty lame (some young couple is off cruising away in the RX while Dad or someone sits at home wondering where they are), as is the styling of the RX330, if ya ask me, but I never get sick of hearing ‘Run Away’ or ‘Another Night’. B&N has a preview clip if you’ve never heard of the song, or don’t know wtf I’m talking about. Too bad I couldn’t find the ad online anywhere, you’d think companies would be all over letting people watch their commercials on their website.

B&N Link

Lexus RX330 Page

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