Half.com to Stay Open

Wow, eBay listening to its users, who woulda thought? It was a stupid decision to close Half.com to begin with, it doesn’t quite serve exactly the same market as eBay does. Glad to see it staying open, I’ve found quite a few dealz there on books and used video games.

Bowing to resistance from the Half.com community, eBay said Thursday that it has dropped an earlier decision to shutter the online discount store Oct. 14. Now, instead of absorbing the site into its auction lineup, eBay plans to keep Half.com open “indefinitely.”

“We have heard from many of you that you want the Half.com site to remain open. Your input, as well as the data and experience we have gained during the transition efforts, is the basis for our decision to keep Half.com open,” eBay said in a notice on its Web site.

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  1. Marketing Playbook Says:
    eBbay/Amazon: Depth, Breadth and Keeping All Your “Eggs” in Their Basket
    Amazon and eBay developments over the past weeks got me thinking. Of course there is Amazon’s attempt to grab more of the whole internet withA9. Meanwhile, with one of the most powerful walled gardens ever decides to keep Half.com alive…

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