Roddick Blasts 155mph Serve

Wow, Andy Roddick blasted a pretty fast serve when you see the replays on ESPN. I think the reason serving is so crazy now in men’s tennis is because the returner tries to make too great of a shot on the return. They need to work more on sticking the racket out and getting the ball back in play rather than trying to return a first serve with a winner or a great shot. Even in HD, men’s tennis is getting more and more boring to watch. That’s my sports tip of the day, folks…

Roddick broke his record with a 155mph (249kph) serve, two mph faster than the previous record, in the final game. He then closed the match with his 17th ace.

“I hit a good one,” Roddick, who bowed to the crowd, said of the record-breaker. “It’s fun for the fans. For me, it’s still a point. It is something I will be able to tell people one day,” the American told reporters. “But I’m happier about the win and serving well overall.”

Reuters Link

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