Jay Leno is Leaving The Tonight Show!

Well, in 2009 at least, Jay will finally leave the Tonight Show. Until then, we’ll be saddled with stale jokes, unfunny jokes, and boring segments. But hey, in 5 years, we’ll get Conan O’Brien in that spot! Hopefully he won’t be too old and senile and still edgy when he takes over the big show…

Today, we are celebrating the 50th Anniversary of our late night franchise “The Tonight Show.” Today also marks another important milestone in our great late night history. In a few moments, we will be issuing a press release announcing our succession plan for this important television institution.

Jay Leno will continue to be at the helm of “The Tonight Show” for another five years, well into 2009, after which time Conan O’Brien will become the host of “The Tonight Show.” Jay will officially make the announcement on his show tonight.


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  1. Rainfall/'s Ho Says:

    That’s gonna suck. You know they aint gonna show the masturbating bear during the 11:30-12:30 hour. And triumph is gonna have to switch from saying “…for me to poop on” to “for me to excrement on” lame!

  2. Marvdog Says:

    Here’s what I wanna know… Will Conan then have to move to LOS ANGELES or can he stay in NEW YORK?

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