Paris Hilton Sex Tape Part Deux

Woohoo! Being one not to learn from her mistakes (or wait, it was free publicity, wasn’t it?), Paris Hilton has apparently made sex tapes since One Night in Paris was released to the public. And said tapes were the ones that were stolen from her house last month. You can bet the tapes are up for sale to the highest bidder now. Tapes showing her with ex-Backstreet Boy and ex-boyfriend Nick Carter (ya know, the one that mighta left some bruising on Paris) and some runaway model Jason Shaw (who? looks like Vanilla Ice to me). We’ll be sure to let you know when and where the video will be available (we suspect within the next month or two). Paris rolling a joint? We would have never thought, doesn’t she have people to do that for her…

This time, London’s News of the World claims to have obtained a tape showing the high-stepping Hiltie getting naughty with ex-boyfriends Nick Carter and Jason Shaw. Hilton is said to be shown “writhing in the back of a car as she is groped intimately” by former Backstreet Boy Carter. In another scene, Paris answers the the door buck naked — wearing only a “pore strip” across her nose — for Tommy Hilfiger model Shaw, tattles the tab.

Elsewhere in the video, Hilton reportedly puffs on a joint, chirping, “Paris Hilton, part two: How to roll a joint!”

The 11 minutes of steamy footage obtained by the British paper is believed to have been culled from about 12 hours of video stolen from Hilton’s rented Hollywood Hills home last month.

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