42 Pecent of Americans Online IM

Dang, that’s a crazy figure, but then ICQ #s are over 170 million or so now (hey, I still gotta sub 5 million ICQ #!). It’s still annoying when people don’t respond back to an IM, so you get to wondering if they are ignoring you, or if the server just ate the message. Then, you ponder the thought of resending the message, because the receiver may think you’re nagging them or they may be away. Usually this kinda thing only happens when they are away from their computer, or perhaps offline (I think you can only send offline messages in ICQ, which is still why I prefer that overall). IM still beats email easily for one-on-one communication. But I think for group efforts, IRC or chat rooms are the way to go.

A new survey by the Pew Internet & American Life Project finds that some 42 percent or 53 million of Americans online use instant messaging. “IM” is especially popular among younger adults – the Generation X demographic – and technology enthusiasts.

IM is more than a tool for chatting. It is also a popular tool for self-expression. It’s starting to be adopted in the workplace as well.


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