Candlestick Renamed Monster Park

Wow, did they get ripped off, for one, I thought it was, not Monster Cable that bought the rights to the former Candlestick Park for $6M over 4 years. So every time people mention Monster Park now, gets a free plug and Monster Cable, well, they don’t really get their voice heard. And then, there’s the use of the stadium. As far as any sports fans know, it’s only used 8 times a year in the NFL regular season, not many dates to get your name out. And at 0-3 this year, the 49ers don’t look like they’re gonna make the playoffs. SBC got a way better deal ($50 million for 24 years) for the SBC Park, where the SF Giants play. They’ve got 81 home games there each season.

Of course, their audio/video cables are overpriced plenty, so there’s nothing wrong with the city of San Francisco getting Monster Cable to overpay for some naming rights (bad ones at that!) At least Monster Park sounds cool and makes me think of a horror-movie theme park.

Candlestick Park, home of the San Francisco 49ers (news) NFL team, was renamed “Monster Park” on Tuesday in a $6 million deal with an electronics cable company.

“It’s a only-in-San Francisco-name and San Francisco prides itself on being different and this is just another example of us standing out in a crowd,” said Sam Singer, spokesman for the 49ers. The name comes from its new sponsor, Monster Cable Products, a San Francisco-area company that sells audio cables.

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  1. Ray Says:

    idiots like to give away $6 millions… why stop them.

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