Apprentice 2’s Odd Betting Patterns May Reveal Finalists

It’s always the offshore betting sites that know who wins these reality shows, no? Well, it’s happened again, as suspicious bets have stopped from taking on any more bettors for reality TV. I guess they must make money offering betting on reality TV shows, but I’ve always thought it weird to do so, save for Big Brother (which is as live as reality TV can be). Heck, I remember outfits taking bets for WWE pro wrestling matches, now that was screwed up… SPOILER alert below…

“We don’t know if this is some kind of link to the contestants or some way involved with the production,” betting director Stuart Doyle tells the Associated Press. “When this has happened before, it’s because someone has known the outcome.”


According to, concerns were raised when a maximum bet of $300 was placed on lawyer Jennifer Massey, 30, from San Francisco and software executive Kelly Perdew, 37, from Carlsbad, Calif. Several similar $300 bets reportedly were placed on those same two contestants the very next day from accounts in New Hampshire.,19736,703016,00.html

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