Microsoft Money Not Paying the Bills

So you buy Microsoft Money 2005 expecting it to do your basic banking and checking. But, alas, it doesn’t work? And it doesn’t work with Microsoft’s OWN bill-paying service? I don’t get why the fix would be to turn off MSN Bill Pay temporarily either. Just some great software development there.

Pierre Aterianus, an electrical engineer from Whitefish Bay, Wisc., said he followed Microsoft instructions to turn off MSN Bill Pay before installing Money 2005 and then reactivate the service, yet he still can’t pay his credit card bill. Attempts to initiate payments either aren’t sent or result in a “duplicate payment” error message, he said, and Microsoft support personnel haven’t been able to provide a solution.

Steffen Urban, a systems administrator from Riverside, Calif., said he spent several hours in fruitless chats with Microsoft support personnel trying to get bill-paying services to work. When he finally was able to connect to the service, thanks to trial-and-error work of his own, he found every bill he had ever paid through Money recorded twice, causing the program to report a deficit of more than $2 million. Link

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