Paypal Site Screwed for 5 Straight Days

Hey, it’s owned by eBay, it was bound to happen sooner or later. Ya know, besides maybe some banks, what other site besides eBay and Paypal (well, maybe Netflix) actually take the WHOLE site down EVERY week for 2-4 hours for maintenance? I really don’t think any site should ever be down, ever. Hey, at wooba, we’re never down, are we Mike? 😛

You would think for a site as important and such a big moneymaker as Paypal would know how to upgrade their systems without screwing things up. Backup, people, backup. If your upgrade doesn’t work for five consecutive days, go back to where the system was last stable (of course, update all the transactions since the upgrade) and let your users use your service. They do about $48.8 million a day in transactions (according to 2004 2nd Qtr stats), and if they take their 2.9% cut on each of those transactions (yes, I know there’s still some ways around Paypal fees but I’m just doing these numbers for fun), that’s a loss of about $1.4 million a day. And yet, somehow I don’t know if they really pay their programmers that much a year combined. Oops…

Despite furious repair efforts, intermittent service outages at the online payment service PayPal continued Tuesday for the fifth consecutive day, affecting payments, log-ins and account creations.

The technical glitch plaguing the eBay Inc.-owned company has affected an untold number of users, making it hard for some online sellers to complete deals, according to the eBay Web site.

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