Female William Hung Coming Soon

Well, good to know we’ll have William Hung 2.0 to look foward to in 2005, when the new season of AI premieres. He was a hoot, heck, he got a recording contract and had his album out two months before Fantasia even won Season 3 (are we already at Season 4 now?). He was actually more entertaining than many of the normal “singers” on the show. Maybe this time the American Idol folks will sign her up before someone else does and makes a mint off the notoriety.

Hahahah, and according to Google, he’s more famous too, as William Hung returns about 82,200 results, but Fantasia Barrino only has about 34,100. That’s more than twice as famous! Ya know, I wonder if this female William Hung comes from Redmond, WA… I kid, I kid… Please keep the cordless phones in their cradle when I visit… 😛

American Idol producers think they’ve found a female version of William Hung for the new season, which starts in January. “We met someone that makes William Hung look like Clay Aiken,” says Idol host Ryan Seacrest.

From People print magazine (yes, I actually typed up the above paragraph, imagine that!)

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