Windows XP SP2 Auto Restart BS

Windows XP SP2 Box
This is complete BS. So I set some of my Windows XP SP2 Pro boxes to automatically update when there’s new Windows OS updates available. No big deal, I usually manually update Windows, but I thought this time it’d save me some time from leeching the big updates myself. Big mistake! There were some new bugfixes yesterday, and so my Windows boxes happily leeched away. Now, one box, I was running some programs, so I manually did a Windows Update. After installing the update, Windows kept on bugging me to restart. Incessantly, annoyingly, and many times over. I kept saying no, as I was doing something on the machine. But before I went to sleep, I forgot to restart for Windows’ benefit.

I woke up this morning, and the box had magically rebooted. I thought I lost power, but another PC (on the same power strip) wasn’t rebooted at all. WTF! I didn’t ask it to do that! Leave me alone Windows! Geez. Another box that had automatic updates on had already rebooted too when I turned on the machine. Ugh, pathetic, ya know, NO MEANS NO Microsoft! What if I was working on the cure to cancer and had it all figured out, but forgot to save my progress last night? It would have been lost and the world would be a worst place. Okay, so I was just leeching some music, but that’s another story… Time to turn off that automatic update bullshit now…

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  1. RainFall Says:

    Well said. That crap just happened to me.. !!

  2. Rainfall's cordless phone Says:

    If you had the written the cure for cancer and hadn’t saved ur progress, ur a dk and wouldn’t have ever figured out the cure for cancer in the first place.

  3. cathy Says:

    did you find a fix to get rid of this problem?????

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