E-Commerce Just Starting Out?

So it’s been about ten years since the first secure online transaction, but e-commerce sales still only count for about 1.7% of all consumer sales in the second quarter of 2004. It’s just odd, and I’m sure I’m WAY above the norm, but I’d say about 80% of the stuff I buy is done online. Newegg (although not always the lowest price) is a cult or something. I just searched for Newegg in my emails in the past few years, and there’s a ton of orders that I’ve made. I’m always impressed by their fairly cheap shipping (which comes to me in just 2 days here in Seattle) from their CA shipping centers.

The only things that I avoid for the most part are clothes and tools / home improvement stuff. Clothes because some things just don’t look right on the Net, and tools and stuff because I usually need it at that point, and shipping for heavy things are never worth it. It’s interesting to note that there’s still a lot of room to grow in the e-commerce field (even a rise to 10% would be five-fold, , looks like the stocks to buy are UPS/FedEx/Lowe’s/Home Depot, eh? 😛

“We haven’t even started yet; we’re really in ‘E-commerce 101,'” said Dan Rosensweig, chief operating officer of Yahoo. “I think this is going to get really fun in the next 10 years.”

The panelists were enthusiastic on Friday about the prospects of increasing that amount closer to a double-digit figure, despite growing fears over identity theft, fraud, privacy invasion and online nuisances such as viruses, worms and spam that have taken root on the Web right along side online shopping.

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