Google Already Has IM… Sorta

Google IM Hello
There’s been big talk of the Google Desktop Search (which is a decent little app, at least for it’s price of FREE), but the buzz lately has been on Google offering Instant Message (IM) services. Well, they sorta already have one. When they bought Picasa (a photo organizing and storing program), they also got Hello, which is an IM that is optimized to easily send pictures to your friends. The slick part is Hello instantly resizes your photos for sending over the Net and it can also upload photos and post them to your blog via BloggerBot. I’m sure we’ll be hearing more about Hello and GoogleIM soon, it’s always nice to find a blog with the scoop before it hits the mainstream press. 😛

Hello is Picasa and Google’s little secret, and it sure as hell shouldn’t be. Picasa is a way of storing and indexing your photos. Hello is about interacting. Hello was created as a way to share those photos Picasa spent so much time indexing, but it does so much more. Do you want an instant messenger from Google? Well, Hello is an instant messenger, complete with buddy lists and bots and smilies and sounds. The difference is that Hello is optimized for sending photos. It can automatically resize a photo so it sends properly. You can jump back and forth from Hello to Picasa to send your photos and share your albums. But most strikingly to most of my readers, it is an instant messenger in a Google product, and its a good bet that as Google integrates Picasa better with the rest of its services, Hello will be its chat client, with full feature support for Gmail and Google Desktop. And if you are worried about security, Google claims it’s more secure than AOL Instant Messenger.

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