My Office Depot Package

Office Depot Package
I get a package this afternoon at work from UPS, and I think, what could it be? I looked at the label and it said Office Depot. Great, I did order a hard drive last week, wait, why is it in such a small package? So I open it up, and lo and behold, it’s paper clips! And it’s crushed! I mean, the box is crushed, I think the paper clips are okay, and still usable, but I still thought about returning it or exchanging it, just for giggles. But, naw, that’d require me to take time out of my busy day.

Office Depot Package paper clips
So Office Depot pays UPS, what, at least $3 to ship this item from their warehouse to my work? Oh, did I mention the invoice was for 18 cents? I would think they would charge my credit card only once since I ordered the hard drive and paper clips together, but nope, it looks like it was individually charged. AmEx surely charges more than 18 cents per transaction fee? I don’t see it on my bill yet though, so I’m not sure exactly what went on. I only bought the paper clips to pad an order a little bit so I could use a $20 off $100 coupon. I don’t have some weird paper clip fetish that I know of.

I was just astounded by the absurdity of it all. They could have easily shipped the hard drive and paper clips together. But here they go out of their way to get me my paper clips early and yet they totally destroy my paper clips box and lose money on this transaction. I’m just baffled. My hard drive is still scheduled to be delievered in a few days, so we’ll see…

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