MP3 Popularity Waning?

I think this report is hogwash. Besides, what kinda person would let a marketing research firm analyze the contents of their hard drive? Besides some kind of spyware possibly, that they don’t know about. Granted, there is more AAC and WMA file content than before, but that number was near zero a few years ago. And how the hell do people that rip CDs to WMA and AAC get confused and think they are ripping to MP3? Hello, file extension! Interestingly enough, 7% wanted WMA support when choosing a music player, but yet, I’m not even sure I know anyone that has more than an album full of WMA or AAC tracks. MP3 is still here to stay, mainly because the alternatives, like WMA and AAC, just don’t cut it and aren’t widespread.

“People are still getting MP3s and putting them on hard drives but are deleting them at a rate faster than they’re acquiring them,” said Isaac Josephson, a researcher at NPD MusicWatch Digital. “People tend to think that downloads are more disposable than rips (copies from a CD), and currently, the lion’s share (of MP3s) are downloads.”

About 20 percent of people in the study said MP3 support was important to them when selecting a portable media device, while just 7 percent said support for Microsoft’s WMA was important. Close to zero percent said AAC, the file format supported by Apple’s iPod and iTunes, was essential to them.

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