Florida Ballot Madness

2004 Florida Ballot
So that’s the 2004 Florida ballot (full pdf ballot link down below) in certain counties. Why can’t they just stick with FILL IN THE BLANK next to the name of your candidate? Florida, Florida, Florida… Complete the arrow? What is this, a coloring book? K.I.S.S. (keep it simple, stupid), is a nice slogan, one which Florida should follow. I can’t wait for the backlash of people being confused and wondering if their vote counts or if they did it right. There’s tons of senior citizens in Florida, I doubt they want to be completing any arrows. Florida is gonna screw shit up again, just you watch. You’ve already done it once, couldn’t you guys figure out a simple ballot 4 years later? Chads, schmads… Might be the first presidential election where we see lawsuits, fitting, eh?

I’m all for any US citizens voting, no matter what their native language, but c’mon, shouldn’t the ballot come in English only? If you can’t
understand English or read it, you shouldn’t be voting. Yes, there are tons of Spanish-speaking folk around, but what about other languages? Vietnamese, Portuguese, Russian? Why not them too?

On a side note, Electoral-Vote.com is noting that John Kerry may have enough electoral votes to win the election, based on the latest poll results. According to them, he currently has 271 electoral votes to Bush’s 257, with Minnesota (ya feelin’ Minnesota?) being the only Tied state right now. The great white north may decide the election…

[Thanks lowmazda for the image]

Full pdf of Florida ballot

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  1. Rack Says:

    I dunno what rock you live under. The ballots in your own state look similar to this one.

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