Die DMCA Die!

Wow, a court that perhaps listens to reason? The Digital Millennium Copyright Act, bogus enough as it is, is being used as a shield for everything these days. Glad to see the court struck down upon thee (okay, I’ll take Pulp Fiction out of the DVD player one of these days)… Maybe there is hope for the consumer out there, damn proprietary ink is a pain in the ass!

On Tuesday, a federal appeals court said printer maker Lexmark cannot prevent Static Control Components from manufacturing printer toner cartridges that operate with its printers. Lexmark had sued the competitor, arguing that Static Control had no right under the DMCA to circumvent electronics that prevented Lexmark printers from using anything other than Lexmark cartridges.

And in August, a U.S. appeals court shot down a similar attempt by garage door manufacturer Chamberlain Group to use the DMCA to stop Skylink Technologies from manufacturing a universal garage door opener.

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