I Finally Read the Article for Which I Was Interviewed

The writer, Guy Martin, interviewed me months ago about the Paris Hilton fiasco… I just ran into his article this morning… Wee, I’m famous! Hah. Dunno why he didn’t give Craig credit like I told him, but I guess that’s what happens with the press, eh? Anyways, Craig was a big contributor to finding out this story, so here’s props to old Craig! Vegas2k5?

The anonymous guest inspired www. wooba.com, a loose but clever online collective, to take a closer look at the Czech site. Wooba.com founder Dan Wu discovered that a single portal on the site – number 25, to be precise – had negligently been left open. Behind that door was the domain name, registered to one Jim Salomon.

Wu emailed this Jim Salomon, who, six days later, returned a computer virus to him. Wu immediately killed it and posted a sarcastic thank you to Salomon on Wooba ‘for letting us know you’re alive’. Then Wooba did more digging, during which it became clear that Jim and Rick Salomon were brothers. On 24 February, 10 days after Wooba broke the story, Salomon went on the Howard Stern show to admit that he, in fact, was responsible for the website, that he had full copyright of the tape, that he had a few other tapes of Paris Hilton ‘around’, but that he didn’t know whether he’d be selling any of them.


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