Apple iPod Flash Player Designs?

iPod mini flash design     iPod mini flash player design
Now that it’s been reported that Apple is indeed making a iPod flash player (256MB to 1GB of storage, which is pretty weak in my opinion), what will the design look like? And what will the name be? My thoughts are that it should be about half the size of the iPod mini and probably at least a third skinnier, thus my dimensions would be 1.8″ tall by 2″ wide, and about .33″ deep. Weight would be about 2 ounces. Hopefully battery power will be at least 5 to 6 hours.

I’d like to think they won’t charge $200 for a 1GB flash player, that would be pretty insane, since the iPod mini is just $249 and stores 4GB. I’d venture to guess the price point would be $149 for a 1GB player, and probably $99 for a 512MB one. I really don’t know what the point of a 256MB player would be, unless they priced that really cheap, but I guess there is a market for it, so maybe that one would be $79. It’d be nice to see removable storage of some sort, perhaps Compact Flash cards, but I’d highly doubt it coming from Apple. A user-removable battery would be a plus, but again, iPod history so far has shown that Apple isn’t willing to sacrifice slick design for that.

Since AppleInsider reports that the new Apple flash player will sport a familiar iPod interface, I hope that means they’ll keep an LCD on there, with the capability of at least 3 or 4 lines worth of text. If not, they may offload the LCD and iPod information to an in-line remote, much like how MiniDisc players do it and just leave the click wheel on the player itself.

For my first potential flash player design (left), I put the LCD in the middle of the click wheel, so that the click wheel would work as normal, but the Action button would be the LCD itself. So the whole LCD is one big button. I’m not sure how durable that is, but I’m sure it’s doable. The LCD in the picture is a bit big and ugly, so it could be a bit tinier and perhaps square in size for a more aesthetic look.

The second design (right) expands on the idea of the LCD as one big button, so pressing Up on the LCD would be the Menu button, down on the LCD would be the Play/Pause button, etc. Volume could be done by pressing the Northeast corner for raising the volume, and Southeast corner for lowering the volume.

Pressing the middle of the LCD would equal the Action button. Yes, my cut and paste is pretty ugly, the actual icons of course blend in better. This would be the minimalist flash player design.

Unless there’s some major leak, I think we’ll probably have to wait at least a month or two to find out what Apple’s real design will be, they might do a thin cigar shape player for all we know.

So what will the name be? iPod mini mini? iPod mini flash? iPod flash? ipod mini to go? I think mini flash would be good, but I’m probably far off there.

And yes, I know I have no Photoshop skills! 😛 So what do you think it will look like?

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