Mark Cuban Wants Simultaneous Format Movie Releases

I really don’t remember the last time I stepped foot in a theater, perhaps it was The Matrix Reloaded at the Cinerama in downtown Seattle. I’d like to see a lot more new releases, but just haven’t felt the rush to, knowing that DVD releases are only a few short months away and that I can sit my ass comfortably at home instead of trekking all the way to the theater, paying ridiculuous amounts of money for popcorn and pop, waiting through ads before the movies (and I don’t mean the previews either), and having obnoxious kids and cell phone talkers annoy me with their chatter.

So thus, I would probably be willing to watch the movie over satellite via Pay-Per-View or if the DVD release came out the same day, I’d get it or Netflix it. I know there’s VCDs or other illicit methods of watching new release movies, but I just can’t stand the quality of VCD myself. I wonder if we’ll ever see the day that this happens, with simulatenous releases of new movies at theaters, on PPV, and DVD the same day. I can only hope, no?

For example, Cuban and Wagner plan to buck the Hollywood system of releasing movies over many months, through separate windows for theaters, pay-per-view, DVD, and broadcast TV. Instead, Cuban said, they intend to attempt “day-and-date releases,” in which their films premiere simultaneously on Landmark screens, HDNet, and DVD. “We think it’s a way of maximizing our revenues, controlling marketing costs, and adding value to our brands,” he said. “And we don’t think giving people alternatives to going to the theater will hurt us at the box office. It’s just like with the Mavericks: We still sell out the games even though they’re on free TV.”

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  1. David Says:

    What a dumb move on Cuban’s part. He should stick to what he does best, owning basketball teams (actually, I’ve been impressed with the way he’s handled the Mavericks and his relative celebrity status – he seems like a good guy).

    I’m sure there’s lots of people like you, Dan, who aren’t hopelessly addicted movie-goers. I guess to take the addiction metaphor to its full extent, Netflix would be like the marijuana of movies, whereas the theater is crack cocaine. You pay more because you need it. Sure, you may have a pot thing on the side – who doesn’t – but that’s not what really gets you up. So yeah, there’s probably lots of your garden variety movie marijuana types, satisfied to sit at home and watch from the comfort of your couch.

    But then there are also a lot of people like me. We can’t wait for that movie to come out on DVD. That would be months! There’s a lot of days in a month! There’s a lot of hours in a day! Do the math!

    I hate the fact that I paid $20 bucks to take a gal to see The Incredibles last weekend, but I needed to go. I needed my fix. I’ve actually seen a lot more movies in the theater this past year than ever before, not sure why.

    But the point here is that if I could pay roughly $2 bucks to Netflix National Treasure today, well, you’re never gonna see me in a theater again, ever. That’s at least $8 bucks a movie I’m saving. $18 if I take the gal. Average it at $13 per movie, and my DVD collection is gonna grow sizeably in a hurry.

    Yeah, they may see a slight jump in DVD sales/rentals, but the $13 bucks I’m saving is $13 bucks they’re losing. I win. If the whole industry were to go this way, movie theaters would be kaput. I pay to see the basketball game because its a real experience with real people. Comparing that to movies is apples and oranges. Or I guess you could say marijuana and pot, not to mix metaphors to much…

    I guess its ironic that I can so easily compare movies to drug use, yet somehow I can’t sufficiently assuage the guilt that would come along with Bit Torrenting a few movies. Or maybe its just that I can’t afford a $10,000 settlement with the MPAA.

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