Netflix Site Redesign

Netflix Queue Redesign
They’ve added a weird looking blue to the My Queue page at Netflix, and they’ve FINALLY added a Search box on the My Queue page (which was there a few years ago, but they took it away in the last redesign). I’m not really digging the blue, and there’s definitely some space issues (see area between Genre and Shipped). They need to correct the spacing a bit. But I’m quite happy with the Search box, I hated having to go back to Browse to look for additional movies to add. But I’m not a big fan of the blue, since it doesn’t go too well with the Netflix red (which they are known for) and the gray tabs. The new arrow at the right is to move the listed title to the top of the Queue.

What do you think of the resdesign?

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  1. aviationwiz Says:

    With the exception of the search bar up top, I liked the old design better.

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