Kodak Nears Sony in Digicam Market Share

I’d never thought Kodak would come back, as there was quite a lull in their digital camera offerings a few years ago and I didn’t know anyone that purchased a newer Kodak cam for some time. I also would have never guessed that Sony is on top of the digicam world right now, with a 20% market share, slightly edging out Kodak. I’m not too much of a fan of Sony when it comes to digicams, but I did just buy the small-sized 2-megapixel Sony DSC-U30 just last month or so, to carry around with me 24/7 in case something interesting pops up, which has happened. So in my family, we have at least one camera from each of the top four digicam manufacturers, an old Kodak DC265 (sitting around not being utilized), an Olympus D40 (my main camera) & C3000 (Dad’s), a Canon Elph S500 (Mom’s), and the Sony DSC-U30, with three different memory card formats. For performance and price, Compact Flash can’t be beat right now.

The research firm’s survey of third-quarter U.S. camera sales, released on Friday, found that Sony sold 1 million units to command 20 percent of the market. Kodak shifted only 10,000 fewer, to grab 19.8 percent of the market.

Canon was third, moving 800,000 units for a 16-percent market share, followed by Olympus, with sales of 600,000 and market share of 12 percent.

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