Kid Sues NYC Cuz He Tips Vending Machine on Himself

The sad thing is, the scammers plaintiffs sometimes do get money or settlements out of filing a bogus lawsuit like that, so the continuous litigious cycle never stops…

July 30, 2004 — A 17-year-old Bronx high-school student wants the city to pay him $5 million because a Snapple vending machine fell on him at school as he shook it.
Court papers filed yesterday charge Albert Salcedo suffered a broken foot and ankle in the incident on May 25.

“It ate my dollar, so I shook it very gently,” he said. “It must have been top-heavy, because it fell right down on me.”

The Department of Education disputed Salcedo’s claim. According to the high school’s incident report, Salcedo “pulled a vending machine down and it fell on top of him.”

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