Monster Garage Allows F-Word to Get Through

Amazingly, it’s family-oriented Discovery Channel that clearly allowed the f-word to get through during it’s broadcast on 4/19/04 titled “Rock ’em Sock ’em Scions II.”

Shep “Professor Ginz” Ginzburg, a kindergarten teacher, and not one of the more-liked personalities on this particular episode, dropped the f-word when talking about himself. He said (from my memory), “I know what I am. If they don’t like me, fuck ’em, they don’t have to hang around me.” This was approximately 6 minutes and 30 seconds into the show, which started airing at 9pm.

With the large amount of controversy over the FCC and indecency laws, it is surprising that a family channel such as Discovery Channel would allow such blatant obscenity to be broadcast over their channel. There was other foul language said during the show, but it was usually clearly bleeped out. There was possibly another f-word broadcast during the show, but it was sort of mumbled.

Discovery Channel appears as a staple on cable TV as well as satellite TV.

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