(if FE2 can do it, anyone can!)


This is a FAQ to make a dvd-r size movie (with no menus, subtitles, or extras) for a movie over 4.37gb after attempting to strip all unnecessary streams with ifoedit.


Software Needed:

DVD Decrypter


VFAPI (program and codec)

CCE  Cinemacraft Encoder (must be v2.50)




MAESTRO (for authoring)


*** all software except CCE and MAESTRO can be found at www.doom9.org





[#m] = estimated number of minutes to complete


1.      DVD DECRYPTER [5-30min] - rip main movie files (it should auto-select them if you have it in file mode)


2.      DVD2AVI [5m] - load the vob files in order, pick forced film (if it is a progressive Hollywood movie), pick your audio stream (you can preview it to see what the stream selected is, DD5.1 is preferred), select Audio->Dolby Digital->Demux, save project (this creates a .d2v file and an .ac3 file of your audio stream)


3.      VFAPI [1m] - add jobà load the d2v file from dvd2avi, convert (creates ~12MB avi file)


4.      CCE [OVERNIGHT] - rightclick à add (add avi file created by vfapi)

Edit that line à

Deselect audio file, choose multipass vbr AT LEAST 3 or 4 PASS, minimum bitrate 800 maximum at least 8800 (maximum 9200)

To Calculate Avg bitrate needed:


4.37  * 1024 * 1024 * 8 / 60 = 610,970


divide 610,970 by the number of minutes in the length of the movie (USE THE NUMBER OF MINUTES REPORTED BY CCE) then subtract the bitrate of the audio (usually 384kb or 448kb, it is in the filename of the .ac3 file created by dvd2avi), then subtract 20-50 for your AVG BITRATE


the average bitrate is USUALLY between 3000 and 4500.


Settings tabs:


Check Progressive(usually), Linear Quantizer Scale, and DVD Compliant. SOMETIMES Zigzag scanning (see BITRATEVIEWER below)

                        Intra DC to AUTO

                        Aspect Ratio: DAR 16:9 (or 4:3 if you are doing a 4:3 stream)

Change timecode to   00:  00:  00:  00


                        GOP TAB: N/M =4


                        QUALITY SETTINGS: quality=5(instead of 25 or 40), uncheck antinoise filter



                        BITRATEVIEWER [1m]

this is used to see if you need to check zigzag scanning in CCE.


- click “…” to load the first VOB file, scroll down on the bottom half and it will say the scanning order, either zigzag or alternate.


*bitratecalc will also tell you if you have an interlaced or progressive stream in case you are not sure.


                        when done with all CCE settings, click OK twice and ENCODE (this will create the .ecl file), say NO to save changes





            CHAPTERXTRACTOR [1m]

This is needed to

Load the movie .ifo, then the .avi, pick 23.976fps and save it in maestro(chp)format





copy pulldown.exe to your \windows\ directory and type:


pulldown filename.old filename.new -prog_frames p


(for progressive, -prog_frames i for interlaced)


This will run an inverse 3:2 pulldown on your encoded file.




1.      bottom right, right click “import media asset” and add both audio and video.

2.      double click movie1 (left box), drag video and audio streams to the layout (video on top, audio below it)  [10m]

3.      add chapter file by right clicking the box that Chapter 00:00:00:00 is in-> Import Chapter List

4.      right click audio stream->Create Sync Audio Track, click yes and remove old audio track from the bottom right window [2m]

5.      minimize Movie1 window

6.      click Menus (left box), add movie1 to ‘first play’ Target box (right click->Movies>Movie1>00:00:00:00)

7.      right click movie1 on left menu and disable menu options

8.      tools->compile  [18-20m]



Use Nero to burn

From File->Option->Select DVD-VIDEO

Then drag all the files from your VIDEO_TS directory to the VIDEO_TS directory on the disc