Paramount Pictures Threatens to Sue BitTorrent User for Downloading "The Perfect Score"

February 13, 2004

WORLD EXCLUSIVE (please credit (February 13, 2004):

Paramount Pictures sent a letter to Robert (* not his real name) today, threatening to sue him for downloading and sharing "The Perfect Score" movie via the BitTorrent Network (a peer-to-peer file sharing network) just three days ago. Robert received a copy of this letter from his cable modem provider. His cable provider stated that if they continued to see this "kind of activity" from his account, that they would shut down his account. Paramount Pictures wrote that they "reserve the right to take any legal action" whenever they want. They said they have a record of his IP address downloading it from BitTorrent. Robert does not want his identity revealed, for obvious reasons.

This is the first reported account of a film studio threatening action on a BitTorrent user. Considering that this person did not upload or share this complete movie by himself, I do wonder what liability he does have, since partial files in any P2P application are pretty much worthless on their own. Also, Paramount itself MAY have been sharing this movie, otherwise, how would they know that Robert was downloading the movie from BT?


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